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Henry Zhan (Mr.)
Tel: +86-517-88222900
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M P: +86 15152345777
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Address:Industrial Zone Xucheng
Town Xuyi County Jiangsu
Province China 211700

Quality Control

Quality control is the key thing during the production of bleaching earth,in our company,we think which should contain two factors
No.1. For the product itself
This factor includes three points
  Raw material
We have our own mineral resources,every time,when the new raw material comes,our QC will test it and based on its property,it will be classified with three classes:Superior,Medium and inferior,based on the orders from our customer,we will prepare the corresponding grade for the production of bleaching earth.
  In the production process
In this stage,our QC often get semi-manufactured product from the production workshop by randow and find what is going on with the production?and the finished product as well,in this situation,in case of bad result,our QC and Production Dept
Will improve the whole production so as to get the finished product qualified.
  Finished product
Our Lab will get the finished product from warehouse by randow and test them,
Basically at least 3 times,in order to serve qualified product to our customers.
Including the worker worked at the workshop and the employee worked at the Lab,when they join in our company,our Production Dept and QC Dept will train them respectively,including how to produce the bleaching earth and what they should attach importance to during the production process and others
For the employee worked at the Lab,after training,they will know how to test the
Bleachibility,bleaching power and others